Why I’m Running for City Council

I haven’t even officially announced my campaign, but I wanted to take a moment to write out some of my thoughts as to WHY I decided to run for city council.

I’m a regular person. I walk to work. There are pet restrictions in the building I live in. I jog on Dallas Road and ride the Galloping Goose. I have friends that leave Victoria because they can’t find jobs or affordable housing. I love looking out at the Olympic Mountains on a clear day to marvel that another country is just across the water. I enjoy the multitude of coffee shops and craft breweries in the city.

Rather than chanting the famous quote from Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” I believe we are the change we are waiting for! I’m not going to be able to change this city alone, because I’m just 1 person.

Change happens incrementally, individually. If we each did 1 random act of kindness a day, what would our city look like? What would our neighbourhoods look like?

Maybe it’s picking up litter that isn’t yours. Maybe it’s smiling at a panhandler and recognizing their humanity. Maybe it’s small talk in a line-up to make time go by just a little faster. We’re not all so different. We’re all innately in need of connection no matter how much curmudgeons say otherwise.

I am a person who is willing to run and willing to listen. I care about our community.

10 Reasons Why I am Running for City Council

  • Because I want to show my children and youth that women are able to have a flourishing public career, a loving home, and a fulfilling marriage. I want to show my daughters that they can be strong women in this world.

All in all, it feels a little scary to be running for City Council and I may be absolutely crazy for even trying, but my heart is here right now and I have a helluva group cheering me on.

Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed

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